Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cross Quilt: Ready for the Show!

As hoped, I breezed through my second Modern Cross Quilt (especially once all the cross piecing was done). On Saturday afternoon I had a borderless quilt top and by bedtime I had bordered, basted, quilted (in multi-colored thread), embroidered, and attached my binding! Yay for tiny quilts! That left just the hand-finishing of the binding to be done in bed on Sunday morning. Once again, I feel that the quilting has redeemed the quilt. Something about all the quilting lines, the colored thread, and the texture really pulls the randomness of the quilt together and leaves you with a very modern, artsy quilt. I’ll be honest in saying that it’s still not my cup of tea (I’m more of a shabby chic/French country type of girl) but I can imagine this fitting in very nicely in a house with bold, colorful splashes (like my mom’s house, wink, wink).

Modern Cross Quilt 2

About this Quilt:
Fabric: Robert Kaufman's Kona Cotton in various colors, 
border and back in Kona Slate, and "pops" of Heather Bailey's Pop Garden
Binding: Kona Cotton Slate
Size: approx. 18" x 20"
Pattern: Modern Cross
Quilting: Machine quilted in multiple colors


Tonight, I’ll be figuring out how to attach a quilt sleeve to this baby so it can be hung up for the show on Friday. Phew, I made it!

P.S. Thanks to Mr. Side Stitches, who worked very hard to give my little blog a facelift! I love it!


  1. I'm seriously in love with this quilt!

  2. I like this design has been beautiful

  3. That quilt is GORGEOUS!!! I love it! Maybe you have stared at it for too long but I think everything about it is just perfect.

  4. I just adore this quilt. The fabrics, design, and quilting are all perfect. love!!!