Sunday, August 21, 2011

Baby Boom

Did it happen to anyone else? One week in January, I commented to my coworker, somewhat disappointedly, that no one I know is having a baby. I don't have any kids myself yet, but the blogosphere is so full of adorable baby things and I wanted a piece of it (without the sleepless nights). Of course the responsibility then falls to my friends. Come on, guys!

Well, just a week later I found out that one of my good friends was pregnant and after her it seemed like every fourth woman at church, at the grocery store, and walking in the park was starting to show signs of growing bellies and glowing faces. What a lovely time of year!

Admittedly, I haven't been a baby-gift producing factory as hoped this summer, but after making my 2-D Zoo quilt for my sister's friend, I had some adorable scraps to use up. While browsing blogs one day, I stumbling upon Maked's tutorial for reversible fabric baby booties, I got right to work on a gift for my friend's baby. I found the tutorial to be quite clear, but I struggled a bit with the final step of sewing everything together. It sure was hard to keep everything flat and lined up, but the booties still turned out to be pretty adorable and are certainly worth a try by new and experienced sewers alike.

Reversible Booties

To match the little booties, I also appliqu├ęd some onesies using the elephant and hippo from the Alexander Henry's 2-D Zoo print.


This was my first time doing applique on clothing. I used Steam-a-Seam Lite and it was very easy to work with and lightweight so it was just perfect for the thin cotton material. These onesies (0-3 months) were practically doll-sized and I am still not convinced that a real baby will ever fit in them!

Onesies and booties

Given together, these are a sweet simple gift for any new baby.


  1. I love this stuff! How delightful! Wish I could help you out as another pregnant friend to receive your fun and creative projects, but I'm kind of in a jam about it myself. Maybe you could make adult booties. Like for when people come to your house. They could slip them over their shoes. I think Martha Stewart uses those. I'd wear 'em. And I'd even wear an appliqued T-shirt if you made me one. Maybe not en elephant, though...

  2. There is nothing simple about this gift. Those are fantastic! I am drooling over the booties!

  3. I think the gift is pretty terrific myself. :-D