Friday, November 25, 2011

Anniversary & Double Hourglass Quilt

It was just one year ago yesterday that I finished my very first quilt.

My First Quilt

I really can't believe that it's been such a short time! I am so thankful for the joy that quilting has brought me this year and for the support of my family and friends. I have officially finished 11 quilts throughout the year and it's been fun to learn from each one of them. I'm thankful that I've finally landed on a hobby that I've stuck to for awhile (unlike knitting, playing guitar, or running (that lasted about 15 minutes)). Thanks for journeying along with me in my first year of quilting!

Here's my eleventh quilt, which was finished a few weeks ago.

Double Hourglass Quilt

 This fun quilt was made for my friend’s niece. I love making quilts for babies and kids, because it means you get to use bright colors and fun patterns. I mean, I wouldn’t complain about putting something like this on my bed either, but kids just require cheerful quilts. I used Allison’s tutorial for the Easy Double Hourglass over at Cluck Cluck Sew.  I’ve never made double hourglasses the traditional way, but I can promise that this block construction is quite simple and the blocks come together quickly. This was my first time using a template for cutting my blocks. It was fun to try something new. By the way, Allison offers some amazing free tutorials! I think Sprocket Pillows are in my future.

About this Quilt:
Fabric: Cotton solids (Kona, P&B Textiles, and one I don’t remember) and Kona Cotton White
Binding: Carolyn Gavin’s Spring Street, Spring Stripe Red
Size: approx. 40" x 50"
Pattern: Double Hourglass
Quilting: Horizontal linear quilting in white

Double Hourglass Quilt

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Diapers Can be Cool

Fall has escaped me, at least in the blogging sense. One day it’s September and the next it’s November.  There wasn’t much to report on the sewing front at first, but once I started sewing again, I was out of the habit of blogging. Funny how that happens so quickly. But I’m back and I have a few things to share that I’ve been working on, so stay tuned. I will even attempt my first tutorial (no promises!)

To ease me back into blogging, I thought I’d share a quick project that I whipped up this week for my friend’s baby shower. Who knew that carrying diapers could actually be cool? Well, apparently Anna at Noodlehead because she came up with this stylish diaper pouch and then was kind enough to share it (for free!) Thank you, Anna!

Diaper Pouch
Fabric: Joel Dewberry, Heirloom, Ornate Floral in Gold

I don’t have any little ones so I can’t rave about how much I love carrying diapers in this, but I can imagine it would be nice to have something quick to grab and throw in the stroller or in the car if you don’t want to lug around your whole whale of a diaper bag. You could easily stick this in your oversized purse and be on your way. And as Anna points out, you can quickly take stock of the number of diapers that are in there before leaving home and getting stranded with two wet kids and one diaper between them. Yikes!

Diaper Pouch Inside

Add to Anna’s sleek and simple design anything that fabric designer, Joel Dewberry, has had his hands on, and you’ve got a classy, colorful, and hip little bag that might tempt you to empty the diapers and tote it along as a cute clutch next time the baby sitter relieves you for a night out with hubby. Maybe that’s just me.

Diaper Pouch Gift

If you’re stumped on a baby shower gift and can sew a straight line, I encourage you to give this a try, especially if you stuff it with some diapers, wipes and maybe some diaper cream as Anna suggests.  It’s a fun unique gift that you can customize to fit any style. 

P.S. Was just over at Anna’s blog…please pray for her and her family or send her some words of encouragement.