Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the Road Again

Not the actual road, the quilting road. For the last two weeks, I’ve been stuck on the side of the road, out of gas with four flat tires. A few tow trucks passed by which I thought would fix me up and get me running again, but they just ended up blowing dirt in my face.

This is the life of a quilter when they’re out of thread: the beauty of the destination staring them in the face, but no possible way of getting any further down the road. Totally stranded.

I did try to help myself, I promise! I made a run to Joann’s which is about 40 minutes away from my house, but thankfully close to an appointment I had to go to, so it was an easy jaunt. I picked up my white Gutermann 100% Cotton thread, a ½ yard cut of Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton in Chocolate, and some new rotary blades. I was feeling great about finding exactly what I needed, I had my 50% off coupon in hand, and I would finally be able to get quilting again. But then Joann’s let me down in a big way. When I got up to the register, the woman tried to scan my first item only to find that their database was down so they couldn’t check me out. I waited around, perhaps somewhat patient-looking on the outside, but fuming on the inside, for fifteen minutes only to be informed that it would be another twenty minutes until they could get it up and running. I couldn’t stand around that long, I had places to be. I was doubly annoyed when the only thing they offered was that they could hold my items and I could pick them up later.  No thanks! 

Still no thread.

The Elusive White Gutermann Thread Basking in the Sunshine

On to my local quilt store. I ran in while my husband waited in the car, then I returned only minutes later with a pitiful expression on my face. Still no thread. They were out of white thread and, anyways, have only been carrying Gutermann 100% Cotton in the annoyingly lean 110-yard spools. They also didn’t have the Kona Cotton in Chocolate, only Espresso, which was much too dark for my project. Rejected again.

On to the internet. I did some research and finally ordered 10 spools of the desired white thread, and 6 yards each of the Kona Cotton in Chocolate and White. They were having a sale, I couldn’t resist! (Honey, I promise, no more purchases for awhile.)

Finally, I have thread, all the fabric I need to finish my Modern Meadow quilt, and a longing to get stitching again. Now all I need is time and, unfortunately, I haven't found any online deals for more of that. Amazon, please take this into consideration.

Friends, if I don’t answer my phone Friday night, you know where I’ll be. But don’t come knocking, I’ve got a quilt top to finish!

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  1. This is the tortured, frustrated, angst-ful life of the creative person--never enough time at the right time, materials askew, world shortages of white thread, etc. I really feel your pain.