Saturday, March 26, 2011

Finish Quilt Top-Check!

I'm proud. I set a goal for myself and accomplished it. I came home Friday night ready to finish my quilt top, thread in hand, iron on, quilt strips ready to be joined together, and...I did!  I almost gave up at 10:30, fearing I would enter the tired danger-zone when miss-measuring, sewing wrong sides together, and cutting things that shouldn't be cut, run rampant. But I didn't. I pressed on (but just until I finished a bit after 11:00). I did miss measure once, but I think it was actually for the better (see below). I love that quilting tends to be somewhat forgiving.

Now I finally feel like I'm getting somewhere with my Modern Meadow quilt.

I love the way it's coming along. The fabrics are beautiful and I like the look of the descending blocks. So pretty, if I may say so myself.

Here's the tree panel that I made because the friend who is receiving this quilt loves trees, but I only bought a fat quarter of the tree print (they were out of by-the-yard stock). But this detail makes me happy. It's reminds me of something that should be hanging in a nature museum. I used a bit of the selvage to label the tree "Majestic Oak". The thin reddish-orange border was the happy mistake of my lacking math skills, or what I like to think of as tiredness. However, I think it adds character, but quietly and almost without notice. Love it!

Next task, quilt back. Details to come...


  1. CAYLAN I LOVE IT!!!!!! It's looking fabulous. Don't feel like you have to rush, but I am so excited!!!

  2. Love the use of the tree panel, it takes this quilt to another level of lovely!

    Beautifully pieced by the way.