Monday, March 7, 2011

Modern Meadow Fabric Lasagna

Another package from Hawthorne Threads has arrived at my door and that means another quilt is under way. After spending many hours of pressing, cutting three-hundred-and-seventeen squares, and arranging said squares, I'm ready to get stitching again!

 Delicious Fabric Lasagna

These sixteen designs are from Joel Dewberry's (yes, I do love his prints) Modern Meadow line. I bought the fabrics in both the Berry and the Sunglow palettes because the designs and colors are just that lovely. Though, really, the Sunglow fabrics were selected by a friend for a custom-ordered quilt, and while I was purchasing the fabrics, I just couldn't pass up the Berry fabrics. Who could resist these brilliant fabrics?

I'm enjoying working with the Sunglow palette because they aren't colors that I would necessarily choose. I love turquoise, brown, and red, but I'm not really a yellow/orange girl. (If you caught me wearing either of these colors, I'm sure you'd see why.) Though when the full line of fabrics are together, they are as soothing and natural as an early spring day, when bright buds and peeks of blue sky remind you that color will soon overtake the gray monotony of winter.  They are going to make for a gorgeous quilt. I hope this experience will inform the way I think about color in the future -- moving away from simple gut reaction or personal preference. Also, the variety of colors in the Sunglow palette create a nice contrast and give the quilt an unexpected element. I can't wait to see this one come together.

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  1. eeeeee! i am so excited!

    and the truth is, i wasn't ever an orangey person before. but the reason i've started moving in the yellow/orange with blues/greens direction in our house is because of the same things you were saying above - it makes me think of spring and sun and summer without being the obvious "flower" patterns or colors. i wanted reminded of warmth and sunshine!!!

    love it!!!!!