Monday, July 18, 2011

Picket Fence Quilt Finished

After more than a month, my Picket Fence quilt is finished. This quilt reminds of country summers with its breezy colors and flower fields, just like looking over a picket fence into a vast meadow. These fabrics by designer Joel Dewberry are from the perfectly named Modern Meadow collection in the berry pallette. The colors range from raspberry to pink lemonade with mossy greens and warm beiges. I want to drag this quilt out to my imaginary wrap around porch on a cool summer night while watching the fire flies dance in my beautifully blooming (I must be imagining!) wildflower garden. *Sigh*

If you have a wrap around porch and a beautifully blooming wildflower garden with dancing fireflies, this quilt will be available in my brand new Etsy shop as soon as it's washed and dried. (Oh yeah, my country dream house also has a clothes line that's just perfect for drying quilts.)

About this Quilt:
Fabric: Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow and Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton White
Binding: Pieced binding of various Modern Meadow prints
Size: approx. 50" x 66"
Pattern: Pendant Pattern inspired by Joel Dewberry's Pendant Quilt (though I didn't use his pattern)
Quilting: Hand sewn using pink and  green 100% cotton thread

I'm extremely pleased with the finished quilt. It's so satisfying to see it finally come together. I think the pieced binding finished it off perfectly and it gives the quilt a lot of character. 

The back of the quilt mainly features the Dogwood Blooms print but also showcases the Majestic Oak print (a personal favorite) along with the Nap Sack and Flower Fields prints.

Check back soon to see my first Etsy item posted! 


  1. Love this quilt it's adorable!

  2. This is so amazing! Great choices in patters and fabrics. You are gifted! Can't wait to see your first ETSY post.