Sunday, May 15, 2011

Modern Cross Quilt

It was a whirlwind week. I finished up my Day at the Zoo quilt and started right away on a cross quilt for my father-in-law. He graduated from Seminary this weekend and while we've known about this for awhile, we didn't think much or plan much for this visit. But when we started thinking about gifts, I knew I really wanted to make him something and I'd seen some interesting cross quilts on blogs and I thought that would be a good direction to go. I did a little research and came across this tutorial for the liberated cross block over at Lollyquiltz and then I hit the road running. I started the wall hanging on Monday night and finished it in the car on Friday. Then I snapped a few shots of it on the side of the highway. So yes, that is a corn field and a barbed wire fence.

About this Quilt:
Fabric: Robert Kaufman Kona Cotton
Binding: Kona Cotton in Paprika
Size: approx. 30" x 30"
Pattern: liberated cross blocks
Quilting: Free linear quilting with multiple colored threads

You can see the quilting a bit better in this picture, but it may be hard to see the different colored threads. I used 5 different colors and changed them every few inches. At first I thought it might make the quilt a little too busy, but it actually drew everything together and the texture of the quilt was just wonderful. I especially love the way the back looks with all the uneven lines.

I also embroidered a Bible reference on the quilt, hoping to encourage him in his current ministry overseas. My father-in-law is Korean, but for those who can't read this, the reference is Hebrews 12:1-3.

A lot of Koreans tell me that I have really "cute" handwriting when I write in Korean. I'm pretty sure that just means that I write like a 3-year-old, which is probably true. I'm okay with that.

I'm really proud of myself for producing this entire quilt in less than one week and though I had some mixed feelings about it as it was coming along, I love the final result. This is certainly the most "artsy" piece I've done so far, but it was fun to do something a little more experimental.


  1. You have amazed me again! I love the colors, patterns, and texture! I also love how you snapped this shot. Truly captures the story of this quilt.

  2. I'm amazed--your quilt is really a beautiful piece of art. What a gift to cherish. I bet he just loved it. So what's next, whirlwind quilter?

  3. Caylan! I love, love, love everything about this quilt..colors, quilting, binding, verse, time frame....It's a winner for sure!! Congratulations and thanks for using my tutorial.
    Bless you!

  4. Becky, thanks so much! I appreciate your encouragement :)

    Jacki, who knows. Well, actually I have an IOU Mother's Day gift in mind.

    Carla, thanks so much for the beautiful and inspiring pattern. It was so much fun to make, and easy with your detailed instructions. Thank you!!

  5. I love the colors! thanks for passing the tutorial

  6. Wonderful Quilt! It's always great to celebrate milestones with a quilt!

  7. This quilt is so beautiful it makes me want to start one. Guess I'll have to settle for adding it to the list. I'll bet your father-in-law loves it. Great job!

  8. Your quilt is beautiful - I am inspired by Carla's tutorial as well and made a stole which was inspired by the tutorial. You can see it here:

    Isn't it great to learn from others who share their thought process?