Friday, April 8, 2011

Spoiler Alert!

Guess what I did this week. I finished my Modern Meadow Quilt! I know that makes at least one of my readers very happy since it has her name on it (not literally) and is being shipped off to the great state of O-HI-O on Monday! But since I want her to see it in person before I give it all away on my blog, I thought I'd share just a few teasers this week and will do the full reveal next week after she receives it. I just want my faithful readers to know I haven't just been twiddling my thumbs while admiring my long-finished quilt top. I really have been working! See...?

I love this quilt. It's my favorite so far and even though I see the little mistakes, I also see a marked improvement each time I make a new quilt. So at least I know I'm growing into a better quilter each time and I always learn some good lessons. Okay, okay, one more spoiler...

Tune in next week for the full reveal!

1 comment:

  1. i loved this quilt! and loved seeing it in person :) i think you've got the real talent for this--each quilt is turning out more beautiful than the next!!