Saturday, February 26, 2011

I love the Zoo

I really do love the zoo. I get so excited, especially when the orangutans are playing instead of being their usual lazy selves. So I was squealing with joy when I opened a package this week from The Little Fabric Shop and beheld these two fabrics from The Alexander Henry Fabrics Collection:

2-d Zoo & Teeny Tiny Zoo in Pool

These bright fabrics will be used for a custom ordered baby quilt for my sister's friend. (I'm even having a hard time writing this post because I keep scrolling up to look at these adorable little guys.) These fabrics are perfect for a little boy's quilt since it's hard to find fabrics without flowers or girly things being somehow involved unless you go with cars, polka dots or stripes. And more than the gorgeous colors and well-designed print, my heart melts for the "teeny tiny" animals.

Hello, tiny hippo! Good afternoon, tiny giraffe! You're looking fierce today, tiny tiger. Tiny anteater, I hope you're finding some delicious microscopic ants.

Ah, my new friends.

I just might cry when I have to start (cover your ears, tiny animals!) cutting into them next week.


  1. You are ready to have a baby. I can tell. And funny that orangutan does not have a 'g' on the end. Evidently I've been saying that wrong for about 29 years now. I love those fabrics and your enthusiasm for them. Very delightful.

  2. Don't worry, Jacki. It's you and the rest of us who've been saying it wrong. I'm not quite sure how that happened, but it happened. I blame it on the old Tang commercials.