Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lark Quilt

Hey everyone! I have a very long overdue project to share with you all.

As you may know, I'm on kind of a house decorating kick right now and so I thought, what makes a living room homier than a quilt? The only quilt I've kept for myself thus far is my first quilt, because really, you just can't give that way. I figured it was time a splurge a bit and do something nice for myself. So I made myself this lovely...

Lark Quilt

About this Quilt:
Fabric: Amy Butler's Lark and Kona Cotton Solids in Slate and Medium Gray
Binding: Amy Butler's Ivy Bloom in Cinder
Size: approx. 50" x 60"
Pattern: 5" squares
Quilting: Linear quilting following lines in white

I fell for Amy Butler's Lark when I first laid eyes on it. The prints are so diverse that they almost don't look like an actual collection, but rather a well-chosen selection from the scrap pile. That's what I love most; the way that the fabrics work amazing well together but almost look haphazard. It's a mix of sophisticated, funky, and, though I hate to repeat my husband's words, a bit "flower power" seventies retro. Okay, so I'm hoping not too many people think "flower power" when they look at my quilt, but I see color, design, and love. Love! It's simply a gorgeous collection that can't be overlooked.

Lark Quilt Detail
Are you thinking "flower power"?

I really tried to keep the design simple since the fabrics say enough on their own so I stuck with simple  five inch squares. I'm glad I didn't do anything more complicated because this design really shows off the large scale prints without making you dizzy.

Lark Quilt back

Some days I'm even almost adore the back of the quilt more than the front. I love how the Kona Cotton Slate and Medium Gray solids really cool and calm things down. And as usual with solids, they really let the quilting add something to the conversation. 

This is one of those quilts that I really wish you could see in person. Right now, it's bringing some much needed color and cheer to my living room. I can't wait to pull in more of these fun colors to my decorating. 


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous! And I love how you stitched it :-)

  2. Having seen the quilt, I can vouch for its beauty. And I would agree that I also have a certain affinity for the "back side". This piece adds your personal special touch to the evolving living room.